I don't see a package that suits us, how flexible are you?

To be honest, the packages we offer are simply guidelines that can be tailored to suit your needs. We understand that each wedding or special occasion is unique and therefore if you look at the packages on offer and select what you want, we will discuss your bespoke package and agree a price with you.

When and how do we pay you?

All we need is a £200 booking fee to secure HIP for your wedding, you do not need to pay anything else until 12 weeks before the big day, at which point the balance should be paid. For other events, lifestyle and portrait shoots a smaller fee of £50 and £100 is required.

Where are you based?

We are based on the Isle of Wight, however, we regularly travel to various venues around the country, whether that be in Hampshire, the South Coast, Yorkshire and Midlands or indeed an exotic holiday destination abroad, (hint, hint!).

Do you still take the traditional group shots?

Of course, we will take as many or as few formal shots as you like, this is a time for you and your family to be together. However, we know that not many people enjoy the structured traditional shots, therefore we will keep this part of the day as short, informal and fun as possible so that you can get back to enjoying your day with the rest of your guests. During one of our pre-wedding meetings and discussions we will agree on your ‘must have’ shots and we will ensure these are captured.

We don't like having our pictures taken, can you help?

Don’t worry, this is an extremely common reaction, which is why our style of observing, anticipating and capturing moments means that often you will not even realise we are taking photographs. The best images always tell a story and encapsulate the real emotions you and your guests are experiencing at that moment in time. In order to really maximise this we simply mingle into the party so that everyone acts very naturally around the camera.

Can our friends and family purchase pictures?

Yes, we have a password protected online gallery where your guests, (with your permission), can purchase downloads, prints, framed photographs or canvas prints through a secure online payment system.

When will our pictures be ready?

On average photographs will be ready within 2-3 months (during the busy wedding season), however, we will post a sneak preview of selected shots on our password protected gallery within approximately 3 weeks. We carefully edit each individual image to the highest quality in a variety of styles, so this takes time as we often shoot over 2000 images.

What is the engagement shoot?

Our pre-wedding or engagement shoot is a great opportunity for us to spend some time together, get to know each other and for you to experience how we work. It is a lovely relaxed shoot where we have a lot of fun together and provide you with amazing edited images before the wedding. You have the option to choose images for your guest signing book or photoboard if this is part of your package. Once you see how great you look, you will be full of confidence and excitement ahead of the big day and the camera will no longer be such a daunting prospect.

Do you both take photographs on the day?

Yes, we work amazingly well together as a team, (aferall we have been together for 25 years and sometimes feel we can read each others minds). Having two photographers means that we are able to capture more of the moments happening around us as well as taking shots from different angles often showing a completely different perspective. It also means that while one of us is taking shots of the bride and groom the other doesn’t miss the guests having fun together as well as some of those crazy moments that people talk about for years to come.

Do we get the copyright for the pictures?

Ultimately we retain the copyright to the images taken on the day, (this is our only protection against further editing of the images taking place), however, you are granted limited personal licence to print and upload images as you wish.

Do we get a contract?

Some people feel safer having a contract, therefore we do provide all our clients with one. The content of the contract provides us with key discussion points that focus in the finer details of your wedding, it also cements our commitment to each other in a more formal way.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Booking Fee and Payments

  • Payment of the non-refundable booking fee of £200 as well as full acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in this contract secures the services of Hurst Impressions Photography and reserves the time and date agreed upon (no further bookings for that date shall be made), for this reason the £200 booking fee is non-refundable.
  • The booking fee is applied towards the contracted wedding photography package. The balance must be paid a minimum of twelve weeks prior to the date of the wedding. All parties agree to the fees stated within this contract and hereby accept the amounts charged. In the event of cancellation, (even for Acts of God, pandemic, fire, strike and/or extreme weather), the cancelation policy (detailed in this document) shall be applied. The CLIENT will also be responsible for payment of any Hurst Impressions Photography materials/charges incurred up to the time of cancellation.


  • In the event of a postponement of the wedding through no fault of Hurst Impressions Photography, (even for Acts of God, pandemic, fire, strike and/or extreme weather), the following shall apply:
      • Every effort will be made by HIP and the client to agree a re-scheduled date. If a new date for the wedding can be agreed between HIP and the client, then any fees paid will be transferred in full to the new date. However, if the new agreed date is not within 12 months of the original date, then the new contract shall be subject to HIP’s current wedding photography package rates.
      • If HIP and the client cannot agree on a date to re-schedule then the cancellation clause detailed in this document will apply.
  • Any additional costs incurred by HIP shall be subject to payment by the client and therefore added to the clients final invoice. E.g. A re-arrangement of the wedding date after the engraved USB and presentation box has been ordered will incur a cost of £40 for a new presentation box including P&P unless the client deems the change of date on the box unnecessary.


  • All cancellations must be delivered in writing (verbal communication alone is not acceptable.) If the Photographer cancels the agreement, then any fees and booking fees will be reimbursed in full to the client.
  • Should the Client wish to cancel this contract at any time, Notice of Cancellation must be given in writing to the Photographer. The Client has a 14 day cooling off period, (from the date of signing the contract), during which time the booking may be cancelled and booking fee refunded in full. 
  • In the event of a cancelation of the wedding (after the 14 day period), through no fault of Hurst Impressions Photography, (even for Acts of God, pandemic, fire, strike and/or extreme weather), the following shall apply:
      • If the wedding is cancelled up to 12 weeks prior to the wedding date, any fees paid (excluding the £200 non-refundable booking fee) shall be refunded to the client in full.
      • If the wedding is cancelled within 12 weeks of the wedding date, HIP shall retain all fees paid, (including the £200 non-refundable booking fee) to cover the full cost of services, (due to short notice). If no payment has yet been made then the client is required to pay 100% of the balance due. 

Images and Copyrights

  • Photographs/images produced by Hurst Impressions Photography are protected by Copyright Law, (Copyright and Design Act 1988). Upon completion of photographing the event and presentation of fully edited images, the CLIENT is granted limited personal license to print, display and/or upload images onto social media for personal use, (image copyright remains the sole property of Hurst Impressions Photography).  Images will be available to the client’s friends and relatives to purchase as digital downloads/prints via the Hurst Impressions Website, (secure payment provided).  
  • Said images may not be altered or used in any manner outside what is prescribed in this document without prior written permission of Hurst Impressions Photography. 
  • The CLIENT must obtain written permission from and compensate Hurst Impressions Photography prior to the CLIENT, its associates, friends or relatives re-distributing or selling the photographs for any reason not prescribed in this document.
  • A back-up copy of images shall be kept by Hurst Impressions Photography for three years after the event. Prior to deleting the files at the end of the storage period the client shall be contacted by Hurst Impressions Photography.
  • Hurst Impressions Photography retain the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the CLIENT/EVENT for the promotion of its business and services, including editorial, trade, social media, websites, sample albums, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner and medium.

Proofs, Printing and Re-touching

  • All digital images/prints that are subsequently ordered or used will receive individual attention in the form of retouching and enhancement and will be subject to adjustments for exposure, contrast, sharpness etc. Retouching means correcting various elements in an image such as litter, distractions and minor physical flaws, (tired eyes, smoothing skin, removal of stray hairs etc). Hurst Impressions Photography is granted total artistic control over the final image and the CLIENT understands that these are the steps Hurst Impressions Photography will take when referring to retouching.
  • Hurst Impressions Photography will provide a pleasing colour balance but cannot guarantee exact colour matching. Owing to anomalous reflectance caused by a combination of certain dyes and materials, especially man made fibres, it is sometimes impossible to record on film/digital media the exact colour of materials as seen by the human eye.
  • Hurst Impressions Photography cannot accept any responsibility or liability for colour balance or quality of any prints reproduced from the gallery or the USB memory stick that we supply or by Third Party Printers such as high street photo processing shops. Due to limitations of computer monitors and variations of computer operating systems, it is understood that images viewed via this method may appear differently according to the specification of each monitor/computer and that prints may not match images rendered on any particular computer monitor.

Specials Requests Coverage

  • The Client understands and accepts that the photographic coverage will be as the Photographer’s professional expertise determines and that no one photograph will be deemed more important than another. Special requests are not binding instruction, although every effort is made on behalf of the Photographer to comply with the Client’s wishes, subject to weather and time permitting. Any special requests not notified on the booking form must be made by the Client to the Photographer in writing. 
  • No responsibility is accepted for any individuals missing from group shots, for whatever reason. The Client will be responsible for (or have someone designated for this responsibility) identifying people/objects of whom/which specific photographs are desired and will ensure the Photographer has been informed. The Photographer will make suggestions but it is the Client’s responsibility to assign time for group shots, portraits and anything outside of the Photographer’s journalistic style. The Photographer will not be held accountable for not photographing desired people if there is nobody to assist in identifying or gathering people for the photograph. The Client is also responsible for identifying any individual(s) that does not desire to be photographed. The Photographer will not be held accountable for any person in group shots whose eyes are closed even though multiple shots will be taken in an effort to avoid this. 
  • The final content of the images is at the discretion of the Photographer. Although every possible care will be taken to produce photographs of all important and special events during the wedding, Hurst Impressions Photography cannot place an unconditional guarantee on the above. The Photographer cannot be held responsible for any missed shots due to the behaviour of guests. No photographs will be taken of guests eating during sit down meals as this is when the Photographer will be taking a break.
  • The Photographer will not tolerate verbally or physically abusive behaviour of the Client or guests of the Event. If the Client is unable to control the conduct of their guests, resulting in an unacceptable degree of misconduct, if the Photographer is threatened in any way or if the conduct of any of their guests damages the equipment of the Photographer, it will result in the early or immediate departure of the Photographer. The Client understands that in such an event, no refunds will be granted.

House Rules

  • Hurst Impressions Photography is limited by the guidelines of the ceremony official or the reception site management. The client agrees to accept the technical results of their imposition on Hurst Impressions Photography. Negotiations with officials for moderation of guidelines is the Client’s responsibility. The area from which Hurst Impressions Photography is able to cover the ceremony may not be the photographer’s choice and the photographer cannot accept responsibility for any obstructed view should this be the case. Photographing parts or even all of the ceremony or occasion may be restricted or prohibited, as may the use of artificial lighting. Hurst Impressions Photography cannot accept responsibility for limited coverage in such circumstances.

Limit of Liability

  • In the extremely unlikely event that the photographer is injured or becomes too ill, or has an extreme emergency that prevents them from photographing the event, Hurst Impressions Photography will make every effort to ensure the wedding is photographed by a HIP partner or associate. If for whatever reason this is not possible, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the package purchased. 
  • Hurst Impressions Photography takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation, and processing the photographs. However, in the unlikely event that photographs have been lost, stolen, or destroyed, for reasons beyond Hurst Impressions Photography’s control, Hurst Impressions Photography’s liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the agreed photography package. The photographer shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the Client’s paid order.
  • Hurst Impressions Photography shall be granted artistic licence in relation to the poses photographed and the locations used. The Photographers judgement regarding the locations/poses and number of images taken shall be deemed correct. Due to the vagaries of the weather and the willingness of subjects it may not be possible to capture all the images requested.
  • Hurst Impressions Photography will maintain Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance at all times. However, in the unlikely event of a total photographic failure or cancellation of this Contract by either party or in any other circumstance, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the Contract. Neither party shall be liable for any indirect or consequential loss. 
  • Although all equipment is checked regularly and reasonable steps are taken to ensure backup equipment is available, the photographer will not be responsible for photographs that are not produced due to technical failure.

Personal Accident

  • Any directions issued to clients, their guests or employees during a photographic shoot are deemed to be at said persons own risk. The photographer cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents during a photographic shoot. Hurst Impressions Photography is covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Are you insured?

We have full photographer’s insurance including Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

What gear do you shoot with?

We both use the latest, top of the range Canon 5D Mark IV cameras. We have range of quality lenses including the super fast 50mm f1.2 and 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lenses. We also use wireless flashes to capture the fun on the dance floor and have additional lighting available should we need it.

How long do you keep the pictures for?

Over a 12 month period of shooting weddings, portraits and various events we accumulate thousands and thousands of images. Storage of such a quantity can be expensive, therefore we maintain a backup copy of your images for 3 years after the event. At the end of this storage period we will contact you to check you still have digital copies of your images, if not, they are yours for free before we delete the backup.

How does the online gallery work?

Our on-line gallery is an integral part of our website. Each private gallery is password protected and created to suit your particular needs, either simply to view images and select your favourites or to allow your family and friends to purchase digital downloads, prints, canvases and various other available packages. Payments are made through a secure on-line checkout. All our clients receive a personal online gallery, however, you decide on the features you would like to be made available.

Are there any additional charges for travel?

We do not charge any additional travel for journeys within a 50 mile radius of ferry ports (Portsmouth, Southampton and Lymington). For journeys 50 miles + we charge a standard rate of £50.